Mountain aperitifs and eau-de-vie to be enjoyed in the pure Alpine tradition

What could be better than a liqueur from the mountains for a Savoie-style aperitif? Crème de cassis and pear eau-de-vie hold no surprises for most people while the fruit from our mountains offer many new flavors to vary the pleasures or turn family meals or dinners with friends into real festive moments. While some may prefer the classic Savoie spirits, like a genepi or a blueberry spirit, the more daring may prefer something out of the ordinary like rose hip, violet or mirabelle. It’s likely that everyone will adore raspberry and blackberry, so why not propose a wide assortment to your guests? The fruit spirits are a sweet nectar that can be added to cocktails to give them a richer taste and soften the strength of the alcohol. What’s more, a nice bottle of Savoie aperitif or traditional eau-de-vie can be the ideal gift to bring back from a mountain holiday – emblematic and classic, it’s a little part of the Alps that you can bring to friends who had to stay in the city.

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