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The word "liqueur" has been used for centuries to designate the maceration of fruit or plants in alcohol. The name brings to mind a sweet and smooth liquid that flows over the tongue and enchants the palate… which is the case of our liqueurs made from fir, genepi, raspberry and blueberry, all tastes of our mountains. They have the intense flavor that comes from plants that survive in a hostile environment. The classic versions of these Savoie liqueurs unanimous favorites but we also make a lighter version of our classic called Genepi Doux, as well as the "Cristaux", a more chilled version...

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  • 20° à 40°
  • 35 cl
  • FIR

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The tart taste of blueberry liqueur, the delicacy of raspberry or the fresh plant notes of the fir liqueur add delight to the end of a good meal and are enjoyed neat or on the rocks. The Genepi Doux or Cristaux liqueurs can be enjoyed in the same way, with their unique taste of the famous little yellow flowers. With a lower alcohol content than an eau-de-vie, our mountain liqueurs are a little pleasure than can be enjoyed by all. You can also serve them as an aperitif, when taste buds are still fresh and can fully appreciate the rich fruit flavors.

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