When it comes to syrups, do you prefer a strawberry or glacial mint Diabolo?

A household essential, Marie Dolin fruit syrups are loved by children and are a real treat for adults for whom they are like Proust’s madeleine. Over the years, we developed new flavors while religiously maintaining the classics that children never tire of. Traditional, alpine or summery, our syrups all have the touch of nature or exoticism that we love so much. While soft drinks are being criticized for their ill effects, fruit syrups remain a good alternative for children who often prefer them to other drinks. They can be mixed with soda or in homemade alcohol-free cocktails that, with a little imagination, offer endless possibilities to vary snack time drinks or aperitifs.

Tangerine, barley water, icy mint and the old favorite grenadine, it’s a festival of tastes and colors at Marie Dolin! There are over twenty different flavors to shake things up and have fun, maybe even create a personal recipe! Add some fun to snack time with our syrups from Chambéry, made according to our traditions and love for good products which are at the heart of the brand.

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