Classic syrups

Our classic syrups

Some flavors never go out of fashion and remain favorites from generation to generation. Marie Dolin grenadine, lemon and mint syrups are loved by the little ones while they're Proust's madeleine for the older ones, as they're associated with fun family times and summer day snacks. Lime, peach, strawberry and cassis complete the list of staples that are always in the cupboard because they please the kids... and also the adults who like a little touch of grenadine syrup in beer to make a Monaco or in a tequila sunrise!

strawberry cocktail dolin
  • 70 cl
  • MINT
  • LIME


Children prefer simple things and like their fruit syrups served in chilled glass of cold water, just like we did at their age. The ones with a sweet tooth may prefer to mix it with a soft drink for a deliciously sweet and yet refreshing beverage. Parents also love Marie Dolin syrups, particularly grenadine that is used to make Monacos and tequila sunrises!

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