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Maison Dolin

Since 1821
in Savoie, France

dolin plants

Dolin, a traditional craft distillery in the heart of the Alps

Our Savoyard company is part of a long tradition of liquor-makers who vie with each other to create the best and finest “alchemies” from a fabulous raw material, our Alpine plants. Dolin has enjoyed 200 years of success thanks to the inimitable flavors of its famous drinks from Chambéry, aromatic liquors whose recipes are a closely-guarded secret. Our craft distillery is still a family-owned business today. We are careful to preserve our authentic, human savoir-faire, which is a far cry from the standardized approach typical of mass-market producers. Yet, our craft distillery has evolved with the times as has the use of our Alpine liquors, which are highly sought after today by bartenders around the world. These bartenders are using our vermouth and bitters to create increasingly imaginative cocktails: the rich array of aromas offered by our Chambéry drinks and their high-quality craft production make them authentic and stylish high-end cocktail ingredients.

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