Let yourself be tempted by the aromas of the Alpine spirits distilled with love for two centuries

Since it was founded in 1821, Dolin has drawn inspiration from the wild beauty of the Savoie mountains to experiment with subtle blends of botanicals to create quality spirits, with rich and powerful notes of camphor, spices and mountain flowers. Savoie products par excellence, the genepi and fruit spirits evoke our terroir and evenings by the fire while snow falls in thick flakes on the mountains. We have safeguarded the traditional recipes and family secrets that led to our lasting success, in order to guarantee the authenticity and natural taste of our spirits.

Dolin’s most emblematic product, the one that made the reputation of Alpine spirits for two centuries all over the world, is our famous vermouth. It has found new popularity today as an ingredient in the most fashionable cocktails in New York, Tokyo or Helsinki where Dolin vermouth is synonymous with quality and elegance.

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