Tired of grapefruit-rosé cocktails? Try our historical aperitifs with a great vintage taste

Did you know that our Chambéryzette had conquered Parisian café terraces during the Belle Époque? An original Savoyard aperitif, this blend of our famous Vermouth de Chambéry and strawberry liqueur from Savoie was all the rage in its time. Bonal, named after the monk who created it in Isère in the 19th century from the famous recipe of the Chartreux monks, was long appreciated as an aperitif and a medicine, which today would be described as a “grandmother’s remedy”. Along with Americano and Dolin bitter, these retro aperitif drinks are still appreciated as such by connoisseurs but are also, and above all, an original ingredient in modern cocktails, where their revisited flavor brings a delicious vintage taste. Bitter and Bonal have in particular been rediscovered for new uses thanks to the delicious bitterness of their botanicals, which are appreciated by bartenders all over the world who love to add this “Alpine French touch” to their creations.

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