A taste of the Belle Époque

"An exquisite aperitif made with strawberries from the Alps" is how Chambéryzette was described at the time. It's a cocktail made from Vermouth Blanc and strawberry liqueur created by Rosalie Dolin in 1902 and that had its heyday on the terraces of Parisian cafés, and, some even whisper, in the secrecy of the brothels. The success of this "Chambéry-fraise" was largely responsible for making the reputation of the Maison Dolin abroad. We have preserved this legendary aperitif whose deliciously light and sweet taste is still an invitation to fun and sharing.

dolin's history cocktail vermouth
  • 16°
  • 70 cl

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The perfect pairing of Vermouth Blanc with a fruity flavor, Chambéryzette is the perfect aperitif for someone who wants a light and tasty drink to savor in the shade of a parasol. Convivial and unanimously appreciated, it goes well with both sweet and savory. We recommend drinking it on ice or neat, as an aperitif or in a cocktail. Its tart taste and bright ruby color will ensure that your concoction will please the eye and the palate!

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