We've recreated these old Savoir liqueurs for you. Some were medicinal elixirs but all have a new lease on life today!

These unusual liqueurs from the Alps, made from secret recipes and with mysterious properties, were very popular with previous generations who believed in their many virtues. Every family had a bottle in their medicine cabinets, as they could be kept indefinitely without any alteration. These Savoie liqueurs disappeared over time, lost in the swells of our modern lives and only associated with our grand-parents and their customs of another time. And suddenly they resurfaced with a memory one evening by the fireplace, and we rediscovered the pleasure of the grassy notes with a slight vintage taste. Today, natural drinks are in again and botanicals have the wind in their sails, making the slightly bitter taste of our elixirs popular with new fans across the world. They can be enjoyed as both an aperitif or digestif, and can be a cocktail ingredient where they are appreciated as excellent flavorful bitters.

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