Mont Corbier

Mont Corbier

Alchemy of the mountains

Mont-Corbier liqueur has a lovely amber color and is made from Alpine botanicals macerated in liquor and then distilled in a copper still. The ingredients include wild and medicinal plant species such as hyssop, vulneraria and gentian. It was invented in 1888 by Abbott Guille, a passionate botanist and doctor to the poor who collected his medicinal ""herbs"" on the Mont Corbier, in the Maurienne Valley (Savoie). The production of this prize-winning mountain liqueur was entrusted to Dolin as we are recognized for perpetuating the heritage of mountain spirits.

cocktail vermouth alcohol dolin
  • 30°
  • 20 cl flask
  • 35 cl
  • 70 cl
  • 1,5 L

Suédois Dolin

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A typical liqueur from a time when mountain liqueurs were abundant in Savoie, when the bitterness of the distilled botanicals were part of both our gastronomical heritage and in our family medicine cabinet, Mont Corbier enjoyed in little sips from a small liqueur glass, as a digestif and perhaps served with an artisanal biscuit. New generations, who love these old vintage liqueurs, don't hesitate to add it to a cocktail to replace classic bitters and discover deliciously tasty new mixes.

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