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The recipe for our fruit liqueurs is simple: water, fruit, sugar and liquor. It's the proportions and the maceration time that make all the difference and that's where our know-how comes into play. With our long experience in the subtle art of blending fruit and liquor, we did not limit ourselves to the classic crême de cassis, instead we have elaborated blackberry, blueberry and even chestnut spirits whose flavors bring to mind our mountains. Add some color to your aperitifs!

cassis dolin dolin wine
  • 16° to
  • 35 cl

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Be creative with your kirs! Vary the tastes, the proportions or the white wine, have fun and surprise your guests with original creations. Dolin fruit liqueurs adapt to any situation and have always been choice ingredients for mixing cocktails, as shown by the popularity of the "Chambéry-Cassis", a blend of vermouth and crême de cassis that made Dolin's name over 100 years ago on Parisian terraces. Fruit liqueurs have become an essential ingredient in mixology and are perfectly paired with many types of liquors.

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