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Genepi Le Chamois

High mountain liqueur

Le Chamois genepi embodies the traditional liqueur, made by macerating artemisia mutellina flowers picked on the mountain in mid-summer and then distilling the artisanal way in our fabulous copper still. It becomes this strong aromatic mountain liqueur, the emblem of Savoie and its famous terroir, which you'll enjoy drinking by the fire after a day of skiing. Authentic and timeless, this 100% Alpine genepi should be an essential part of an evening with friends!

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  • 40°
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  • 70 cl
  • 150 cl

Génépi des Alpes

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An invitation to liven things up, this Genepi liqueur made in Savoie with 100% natural ingredients can be enjoyed in different ways. Traditionally served as an after dinner digestif, it's a classic for all generations, especially after a feast rich in local cheeses that are so loved in our mountains. You can also shake things up and serve a bottle of genepi as an aperitif, neat or on the rocks. If you have a creative touch, try pouring a few drops into a cocktail - you'll be surprised by the grassy notes that will liven up your mix.

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