Génépi 1821

Genepi 1821

Tradition and modernity

Genepi 1821 is one of Dolin's flagship products. This emblematic Alpine plant grows above 1800 m of elevation, nestled between rocks and snow fields. Made with our original 200-year old recipe, our liqueur associates floral and grassy flavors with the elegant character of a top quality liqueur. Genepi strands are added to the bottle to slowly infuse and liberate their aromas into the green-gold liquid, in keeping with the way of traditional herbalists, to further accentuate the taste and create an exceptional mountain liqueur.

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  • 40° ou 50°
  • 20cl
  • 20cl flask
  • 35cl
  • 70cl
  • 150cl

Genepi Le Chamois

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Génépi des Alpes

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Genepi, the mountain liqueur par excellence, was long consumed for medicinal purposes, particularly to ease digestion and fight fever and infections. Today, we mostly just appreciate its rich botanical taste as a great way to end a meal but also as an original aperitif, neat or on the rocks. The most fashionable way of drinking it now is to include a drop in a cocktail to enhance its taste with Alpine freshness.

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