Génépi des Alpes Dolin

Made in Savoy

This typically Savoyard genepi embodies all our know-how and our attachment to our roots in Savoie: made in the purest tradition of mountain spirits, it is elaborated in our copper still in Chambéry, at the crossroads of the mountains of Savoie. It has been awarded a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) that guarantees the authenticity of its production, from the harvesting of genepi strands above 1500 m of elevation to its maceration and distillation. Artificial colors and aromas are never used of course. Standing apart from more formatted products, Dolin's Génépi des Alpes develops a unique taste with grassy notes that are offset by a touch of sweetness. It's a delicious way to celebrate a good meal.

  • 40°
  • 35 cl
  • 50 cl
  • 70 cl


With its modern design that brings to mind the slate of La Maurienne and fresh snow falling on the slopes, our bottle of Génépi des Alpes is the ultimate delicacy after dessert, the final bouquet that brings a sparkle to the evening. Served well chilled, it has a pure and fresh taste that is much appreciated after a generous meal. This mountain liqueur, though traditional, will continue to surprise you - in a cocktail, its fresh yet warm aroma will give pep to your creations and awaken the taste buds... irresistible!

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