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Amaury Guyot

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Amaury Guyot, head bartender and owner of the Dersou restaurant, specialized in food pairing, in Paris.

Do you remember when you first came across Dolin?

I believe it was in 2007, when I was starting to get interested in cocktails. It’s probably one of the first vermouths I bought to make my first Martini and Manhattan.

What Dolin product(s) do you have on your back bar?

I’ve got Dolin Dry, Dolin Rouge and sometimes Dolin Bitter.

What type of cocktails do you make with Dolin? The classics or contemporary creations?

Generally, vermouth is an alcohol that backs up a spirit giving it a little more depth and contrast. As a result, its aromatic qualities allow us, not only to create all the classics, but also to move away from these and come up with original creations. Bartenders like and respect Dolin due to the quality of its products, without the need for excessive marketing.

Are you a fan of the recent food & cocktail pairing trend?

The idea caught my interest in 2013, a year after Sherry Butt opened, when I met the chef, Taku Sekine, who is now my partner at Dersou. We decided to build a business model based on a concept of a restaurant offering only a tasting menu with a cocktail pairing. As the classic setup of a cocktail bar is not adapted to that of a restaurant, everything has been redesigned and reworked to create interesting pairings. The alcoholic content had to be reduced to complement the entire menu based on a fusion of Franco-Asian cuisine. Vermouth is perfect for lightening up the spirits that are a little too strong, without losing any flavors and complexities.

  • Amaury Desrou

    Amaury’s pairings

    Starter: a very aromatic short drink cocktail based on Dolin red, sake and gin with a ceviche-based starter.

    • Cocktail

      This is a dry cocktail that combines several spirits cultures, those of France, Japan and Great Britain: Dolin Rouge, sake and gin. The Dolin red gives this clever mix a vinous and herbaceous side.
      Ingredients: 35ml Dolin red, 15ml sake, 10ml gin, 1 bar-spoon kiwi-pepper leaf syrup, 2 dashes dandelion bitters.
      Method: prepared in a mixing glass and then served in an Old-Fashioned glass over a large cube of ice and garnished with a eucalyptus leaf.

    • Dish

      A light and iodized starter consisting of a ceviche of maigre, cream of kohlrabi, and a granita of fromage blanc.

    • Idea behind the pairing

      At Dersou, we are always looking for the perfect match. Here, we pair a dry cocktail and a starter of marinated fish, a seasonal vegetable and a touch of dairy. The vermouth emphasizes the freshness of this dish while the cocktail plays the role of seasoning.

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